Grandmother’s Hole Beach – one of Goa’s hidden gems

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Grandmother's Hole Beach

Goa’s pristine beaches are tremendously popular all over the world but this also means that are overly crowded, commercialized, chaotic and congested as is often the case with mainstream beaches of India.

If crowds get on your nerves, you might find the pleasure you drive from Goa’s enchanting beauty spoiled by these issues. But don’t worry, Ghoomophiro brings you an alternative which will get you best of both worlds.  And that place is Grandmother’s Hole Beach.

How to reach Grandmother’s Hole Beach?

A GPS powered app such as Google Maps will be needed to reach this hidden gem of Goa as you move from airport area toward Baina. About 500 meters from the beach, your path turns into a sort of maze of minor roads as if the place is being guarded by nature from crowds. But don’t worry all roads lead to Rome… Well, Grandmother’s Hole. You might need to ask people for directions and there is a petroleum refinery in the sea, seeing which will prove you are on the right track but eventually you will end up at the beach. The beach is about 220 steps down a cliff – not a very easy hike for old people.

The beach

The beach is surrounded by a semi-urban area. There is parking available on top of the cliff. On steps down the cliff, you will see a fort wall through which you must pass to reach the beach. It is the ‘hole’, after which the beach is named.

It is a narrow Sandy which that Haas jagged rocks. It is beautiful in the way the places deserted by humans to nature’s care can often be. The tranquil beauty though is only to be seen.

There are good reasons it is deserted. There are floating in seawater making swimming a risk business and there are no coastal guards.

Moreover, it is lacking in pleasures that a commercial beach would offer – no carts to buy your food from,  no beach beds. You must bring your own mats in order to picnic here.

Besides tranquil picnics, you can enjoy clicking pictures here of sea showing its majesty in brilliant tides and screeching birds that fly overhead without worrying about tourists obstructing the view.

Some tips

  1. It might be better for those who have trouble with hikes to avoid this beach or to just enjoy it from above the cliff which offers brilliant views.
  2. Keep the beach clean. Do not litter. There are very few clean beaches left in Goa as it is.
  3. If beach games and swimming is your thing, Grandmother’s Hole Beach might not be for you.
  4. You must carry your own mat, some food, and beach attire as these might not be easily acquired here.


Grandmother’s Hole Beach is a hidden gem of Goa, we almost feel guilty in sharing it’s secret. We hope you will appreciate the sacrifice. 🙂

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